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I have been developing the Travel in Style with us  website during 'Lockdown' as a fun way to share information about some of the fabulous places we have all visited over the years. I am in the process of building a website full of pictures and tales of the amazing times enjoyed prior to 2020 and hopefully inspire people to plan a visit to places they have never been to before once this is all over. I am hoping that others will share their special experiences and photos with me and I will then add them to the website.

When planning a once in a lifetime holiday it is the little details that make all the difference, whether it be hiring a private vehicle for a safari trip in Africa or renting a Segway to complete a tour of Rome. I hope the information provided might just make the difference and turn what would have been a really good holiday into an amazing one for those reading it, alternatively please just enjoy looking at the photos and films. I  have really enjoyed having the time to put all the information together, reminiscing over fabulous memories of the places we have been lucky enough to visit in recent years, and like so many others I can't wait to have the opportunity to travel again, and will certainly fully appreciate every moment once we are allowed out! Our most recent travels have been to Africa, which is where my initial accounts are concentrated. All the photos and videos shown are genuine ones which we have taken ourselves as amateur photographers, and will continue to be updated as new destinations are added.

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